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Submit Recording

--- How to submit a recording to us.
Send to our mailing address the following:

  1. One copy of your CD for us to audition. This CD will be considered a promotional copy and will not be returned.
  2. Your name, address, phone number, email address and fax number (if available).
  3. If you want us to order CD's through a distributor, please supply the above information about them as well.
  4. If we order the CD's from you, tell us the price we need to pay for each CD we order. (Most artists charge 6 to 10 dollars for wholesaling direct to us). If you require a minimum order of more than 5 copies, please tell us.
  5. Indicate if shipping is included in the price or if it is an extra cost.
  6. Any promotional material you have (reviews, artist biography, etc.) We will make a decision based upon our review of the recording. If we decide to carry it, it will first appear on the web site. We will purchase copies as needed. If we decide not to add it to our site, no notification will be made. Usually the decision is made within a month.
Tap Music Sales
1992 Hunter Ave.
Newton, Iowa 50208: USA
Phone: 641-792-0352