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--- How to submit a composition for publication.

We publish compositions and arrangements for brass and woodwind instruments. We are not interested in vocal music or solo music for keyboards, guitar, or percussion. We are interested in arrangements for wind instruments of songs that were written before 1930 and new, original compositions. We particularly want small ensembles of instruments (solo wind instrument with piano, trombone quartets, brass quintets, clarinet trios, etc.) In addition to standard ensembles, we will consider any arrangement or composition containing any instrumentation or ensemble size you can imagine provided at least one wind instrument is featured VERY prominantly. Don't send us your symphony. Send us your concerto!

Please note: Arrangements of songs copyrighted after 1930 (unless you composed the melody) are not being considered for publication by us at this time.

Send to us the following:

  1. Full copies of the score and all the parts. Although preferential treatment is given to works typeset with Finale or Sibelius, neatly written manuscripts also get published.
  2. Your name, address, phone number, email and fax number (if available).
  3. If your work is typeset with a notation program, send a copy of the file(s) on IBM formatted floppy diskette(s) or CD-ROM. We only need the file for the score, but it is OK with us if you want to send the parts too. If you used a program other than Finale or Sibelius, try to save the score as a "Standard Midi File" and include that with the regular file.
  4. If a recording of the work is available, please send it. It speeds the submission process even if the sound quality is poor and the musicianship mediocre.

If we decide to publish your work, we will send you a contract for you to sign. We pay a royalty of 20% of the selling price for each new composition or arrangement of public domain material. We send royalty checks once a year in December. If we decide not to publish your work, no notification will be made. Regardless of our decision, NO materials will be returned. Please don't send any original handwritten manuscripts unless we specifically request them. Copies will be fine until we decide to publish the work.

Tap Music Sales
1992 Hunter Ave.
Newton, Iowa 50208: USA
Phone: 641-792-0352