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How to Order by Mail or Fax or Phone
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First Step: Print out our order form. Click Here.  Print the page.  Then use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.

--- How to order Recordings.

Recordings go out of print often and with no warning. Likewise, recordings are often dropped by one distributor and picked up by another within a matter of days. While we manage to keep better than 95% of all recordings in stock, it is impossible to keep all items in stock at all times. Since most people are willing to wait for some back ordered recordings but not others, we have added an "Ok to Back Order?" column to the order form.

The backorder column indicates whether you would like to have an item backordered if it is still in print but not in stock. If you write "Y" in this column, we will, if needed, backorder that item. If we cannot locate the item in 60 days, we will, in the case of charge card orders, send you a postcard canceling the order or, in the case of prepaid orders, send you a check refunding the amount you paid for the item. If you don't want an item backordered, simply write "N." If you put an "N" on one or more items, you may want to list a few alternate selections in the space provided. An alternate will only be used if we cannot send one of the items you marked with an "N." If you list no alternates or we are out of stock of the alternates as well, we will send you a refund check for any items prepaid by check or money order.


--- How to order Sheet Music.

Please list the catalog number, title, composer/arranger, and price. All sheet music is in stock because we publish it.. With sheet music, you do not need to use the "Okay to Backorder?" column or list alternates.

Be aware that we publish the sheet music in this catalog. If you are looking for a piece published by any other company, we do not have it and we will not try to get it for you. You will have to look elsewhere.


--- Type of payment

Checks: We accept checks or money orders payable in U.S. dollars.

Customers outside the US please note: checks must be drawn from a US bank unless other arrangements have been made in advance with us.

Charge cards: Visa, Mastercard or Discover cards are accepted from all countries.  Charge card orders may be given any time via phone (641-792-0352) or fax (641-792-1361). If you get the answering machine, leave the catalog number, artist, title, and price as well as your name, address, card name, card number and expiration date. Please state which items you want backordered if they should happen to be out of stock. Take your time, speak clearly with no long pauses, spell any unusual words in your address, and be sure to give your phone number.  The machine has plenty of tape and gets checked frequently.  Although our business hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, the best time to call to speak to a person live is weekdays between 9 AM and noon Central Standard Time.

Warning: We assume NO responsibility for orders sent to our Email address.  Email is not a secure method for sending charge card numbers and addresses.  Please use our online ordering system.  Click here for online ordering directions.

Purchase Orders: We will honor written purchase orders from schools or colleges, but must have faxed or mailed hard copy in hand before we will process the order.


--- Discounts

Yes, large orders can receive discounts, but discounts for sheet music and recordings are figured separately.

Discounts for recordings only:

Orders over $250 receive a 5% discount
Orders over $500 receive a 10% discount

Discounts for sheet music only:

Orders over $100 receive a 10% discount
Orders over $250 receive a 20% discount
Orders over $500 receive a 30% discount

When figuring discounts, do not add sheet music and recording prices together.  For example, $50 of sheet music and $65 of recordings does NOT make you eligible for a 10% discount for the entire order.  In this case, no discount would apply.  For a second example, $110 of sheet music and $120 of recordings only earns you a 10% discount on the sheet music ($11 total discount).  The recordings would not be discounted.


--- Shipping

Domestic Orders:

Regular Shipping: Our shipping charge for packages delivered within the 50 United States is $6.50 per order regardless of size.  If you have requested that backordered items be sent at a later time, you will be charged an additional $6.50 when the second package ships.

All shipments under 4 pounds are sent via US Priority Mail.  Larger shipments may be sent via UPS ground at our discretion.  In either case, packages are insured against loss or damage and usually arrive at your door in 2 to 4 days.

Cheaper shipping: Yes you can save money on small orders by requesting Special Fourth Class US Mail shipping.  Shipping rates for packages sent Fourth Class start at $3 for one CD and increase as the weight goes up.  Based upon our experiences, we have two reasons why you should NOT request Fourth Class shipping

1. Fourth Class packages take anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks to arrive.  The post office itself has no clue how long it will take a package to arrive.  Also, deliveries during the Christmas Season tend to take even longer.

2. Fourth Class packages are not insured and they do get lost.  About 80% of the packages arrive safely, but if your package gets lost or damaged we will NOT refund your money or replace broken items.

Remember : If you request Special Fourth Class Mail delivery, we will not be held responsible for what happens to your package.  If the shipment gets lost or damaged, you lose your money.  We do not recommend this method of shipping.  We offer it only because some customers want a low cost shipping alternative.

Air Delivery: Overnight and 2nd Day Air services are available at extra costs. The minimum charge for 2nd Day Air is $14 and the minimum for Next Day Air is $20. Please call us first to check availability for this option! Occasionally, we attend conventions and are unable to offer immediate shipping. We will not guarantee delivery for a particular day unless you have talked to us on the phone first. Orders that indicate air delivery that have not been verified with a phone call will be sent ASAP, but we cannot guarantee that your order will ship the same day we received it. available at extra costs.  Please call for details.


--- Foreign Orders:

We can not give exact figures for shipping to countries outside the US until we know the destination and weight of your order.  The shipping costs described below are only estimates.  International shipping costs change constantly.  Canada and Mexico are usually cheaper while African and Asian countries (including Japan) may be more than 25% higher.  Also some countries levy custom duties or taxes on your package.  We can not be responsible for these fees nor do we have any way of telling you what these fees will be.  Our experience has been that most packages we send arrive without fees.  We only mention these fees to forewarn you that they MAY be payable when your package arrives.

Credit Card : If you order with Visa, Discover or Mastercard, we will charge you the exact air or shipping costs plus $5 to cover packing and documentation.

Money Order or US Bank Check : If you plan to order with a money order or a check (see Types of Payment), we will happily quote exact shipping costs via email upon request.  Send us an email or fax listing what you want to order and we will fax you a quote.  If you don't ask for a quote before sending your order, be aware that we will not be able to refund any overpayment and any significant underpayment will result in your package being sent with items missing at our discretion.

With above information in mind, here are rough estimates of international shipping costs:

Surface Shipping : Packages arrive in 4 to 8 weeks.  Rate is about $9 for orders up to three recordings plus $0.75 for each additional recording.  Shipping for sheet music is about $7 plus 12% of the total cost of the music you are ordering.

Air Shipping : This is our recommended shipping method.  Package arrives in 1 to 3 weeks.  Rate is about $10 for first recording and $1.25 for each additional recording.  For sheet music shipping a good estimate is $9 plus 17% of the total cost of the music you are ordering.

--- Some Real Examples :

3 CDs going to Europe.  Surface shipping = $9.03 or Airmail Shipping = $12.80

5 sheet music items (brass quintets = $45) going to Europe.  Surface shipping = $10.83 and Airmail Shipping = $15.40

2 CDs, 3 sheet music items ($8 each) going to Europe.  Surface shipping = $8.93 or Airmail Shipping = $14.60

15 CDs going to Japan.  Surface shipping = $14.97 or Airmail Shipping = $35.85

3 CDs going to Canada.  Surface Shipping = $7.90 or Airmail Shipping = $9.07

UPS Worldwide Express : This is fast and very reliable, but expensive.  Delivery is 2 to 4 days for most locations.  Prices start at $25 (not including customs fees).

UPS Ground to Canada : Delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks.  Prices start at $15.

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